SGPA to CGPA Calculator in VTU: A Comprehensive Guide

SGPA to CGPA Calculator in VTU

Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are the two main metrics used by the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) in India to assess academic performance. As students advance in their academic career, it becomes increasingly important to understand and compute these grades correctly. This page walks students through the process of converting semester grades to cumulative grades by offering a thorough explanation of the VTU SGPA calculator.

Understanding the Grading System

Understanding the VTU grading system in anna university is crucial before using the calculator. There is a 10-point grading system used by the university, with grades ranging from ‘A+’ (10 points) to ‘F’ (0 points). Every grade has a corresponding Grade Point (GP), and the number of credits for each course determines the SGPA.

Calculating SGPA

To calculate the SGPA for a specific semester, follow these steps:

  • Assign the corresponding grade points to the letter grades obtained in each course.
  • Multiply the grade points by the credits assigned to each course.
  • Sum up the total grade points and total credits.
  • Divide the total grade points by the total credits to obtain the SGPA.

SGPA to CGPA Conversion

The CGPA is an average of all the SGPA obtained over multiple semesters. To convert SGPA to CGPA, use the following formula:

CGPA= Number of semesters

               Sum of all SGPA

SGPA to CGPA Calculator in VTU

To simplify this process, VTU provides an online SGPA to CGPA calculator on its official website. The calculator typically requires the following inputs:

Semester-wise SGPA: Input the SGPA obtained in each semester.

Number of Semesters: Specify the total number of semesters for which you want to calculate the CGPA.

Students can quickly find their CGPA using the calculator instead of having to do the computations by hand. This is an extremely useful tool, particularly as one’s academic career advances and additional semesters are completed.

Importance of CGPA

The CGPA is a holistic measure of a student’s overall academic performance throughout their entire course. It is a crucial parameter for various purposes, including:

Placement Opportunities: Many companies use CGPA as a screening criterion during recruitment.

Higher Studies: Universities offering postgraduate programs often consider CGPA during the admission process.

Scholarships and Awards: CGPA is a determining factor for scholarships and academic awards.


Students navigating the academic landscape must comprehend and make use of VTU’s SGPA to CGPA calculator. The calculator provides a fast and precise picture of overall academic performance by streamlining the conversion process. Monitoring both SGPA and CGPA closely as students move through their semesters guarantees a thorough grasp of their accomplishments and assists them in making well-informed decisions about their future academic and professional endeavours.

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