Go Clean Scholarship: Eligibility, Application & Essay 2024

Go Clean Scholarship

Go Clean Scholarship is a scholarship program that is completely merit-based and is offered to committed and hard-working university students from all over the world. It applies to all students currently studying UG, PG, or PhD degrees in the institutions of the United States, Australia, UK and Canada and other countries. This blog brings you a detailed guide on Go Clean Scholarship, its eligibility criteria, selection process, application process and more!

About Go Clean Scholarship

Those with ambition and work ethic who are seeking a higher education are given the Go Clean Scholarship. This award is available to students from all over the world and is entirely merit-based. Students from all around the world, regardless of country, are eligible for this grant. The prize amount of the Go Clean Scholarship Program is $3500 USD (₹ 2.85 Lakhs). It is accessible to both new and returning students. Depending on the award body’s judgment, this scholarship may also cover living costs, accommodation, traveling costs, fees for applications, wellness cove, child or spouse care, etc. Both new and continuing students may be eligible for this scholarship if they are pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degrees at colleges in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other nations.

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Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility requirements for the Go Clean Scholarship:

  • Go Clean Scholarships are currently limited to candidates who are studying undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degrees at any academic institution worldwide. 
  • Aspiring candidates must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA to be eligible for the Go Clean Scholarship if the candidate is currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • This is a merit-based award that will be granted on the basis of the essay writing on the topic that is given by the organization.
  • Candidates who are willing to participate need to register for an online essay contest and send their applications via email.

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How to Apply for Go Clean Scholarships?

All you need to do to obtain the Go Clean Scholarship Award is to write an essay on the topic that will be updated on the website which consists of between 500 and 750 words. This should be submitted to alltoiletmatters.com scholarships before 31 March, 2022. The topic for last year was “How to Keep the World Green and Safe”.

Candidates will have to submit their entries along with their details like:

  • The name of the candidate along with their physical address.
  • Name of the Current Institution along with the Address.
  • Proof that the Candidate is currently enrolled in the institute which is the personal ID/Registration number of their Institution.

Selection Procedure

The judging panel would then evaluate the essay submitted by all the candidates. The winner of the Go Clean Scholarship award will be contacted via email through which the application was submitted, so it is very important for the candidate to have a working email address.

All students who are currently enrolled in educational programmes at any educational institution worldwide are eligible for the Go Clean Scholarship programme. Any student may submit an application for our scholarship programme to be considered for a 3500 USD prize.

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The winner will be announced by the end of April after the judging committee has reviewed all applications and assessed all essays submitted by applicants.
Candidates that are chosen will be notified by email and have their names posted on the website.
The 3500 USD scholarship will be delivered immediately in the name of the successful applicant to the College/University/High School.

It is crucial for the applicant to have a functioning email address because the Go Clean Scholarship award winner will be contacted via the email account used to submit the application. A one-time grant from the Go Clean Scholarship. The recipient’s institute, college, or university will receive the scholarship award value in their name.

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